WJ students prepare for summer break

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Junior Julia Beato captures the sunrise at Bethany Beach last summer on June 14 at 5:20 am. The quiet and serene setting is the perfect way to start off a summer morning on the right note. “Waking up early and catching the sunrise last summer was one of my favorite things to do and I definitely plan to do this a lot when I’m at the beach this summer,” Beato said.

As things start to open up, more vaccinations are given, and everyone anxious to get out, people begin to make 2021 summer plans. After being cooped up for many months, this is the first summer in over a year that has loosened travel and activity restrictions.

For most, even without covid, somewhat local beaches are often in people’s summer plans. They are easy to get to and don’t require a significant amount of time to travel. Junior Julia Beato plans to head to the beach this summer. Since many own or have people they know with beach houses in places like Bethany, Ocean City, Dewey and Rehoboth, these are often visited.

“My family and I plan on staying at my grandparents’ beach house at Bethany Beach for a few weeks. It is only about two and a half hours away,” Beato said.

Beato also plans to spend time focusing on college and academic activities. Although summer is a time to relax and have fun, there are still important school-related things people are doing – especially for rising seniors.

“Other than the beach, I plan to start college applications and I am doing a summer academy with Georgetown University,” Beato said.

As for junior Ross Katcher, he plans to take trips along the east side of the country. With vaccinations, people are now able to travel more easily to see family and friends that they haven’t seen in a while.

“This summer, I plan to go to Kiawah Island off the coast of Charleston with my family. Also, we are going to visit my grandparents and cousins in Boston and take a trip to visit my other family in Ohio,” Katcher said.

Katcher plans to work and focus on college this summer in addition to traveling. Finding a job or taking an interesting college class is a great way to spend time this summer.

“I work at a local ice cream shop and I am going to take a summer class at a college for about two weeks which I am really excited about!” Katcher said.

Junior Julia Garms also has some laid-back plans for this summer.

“I am planning to stay in the area except I am going to Bethany and Ocean City,” Garms said.

With this hectic past year, it is understandable for people to want to take a step back and relax locally. Garms also plans to work for a good portion of the summer.

“I will be working most of the summer in Annapolis on a fuel dock,” Garms said.
No matter what the plans are, students are looking forward to the summer after living a secluded pandemic life for so long. Rules and regulations are starting to change the way life looks which will lead to an exciting summer for many!

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