Creativity amid uncertainty: Steven Johnson

Stella Hadamer

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Photo courtesy of Steven Johnson

Like many other Americans, Johnson attended the BLM march after the killing of George Floyd. “Our journey began at the White House and we marched to Chinatown, each stop being 8 minutes in honor of George Floyd. From there we marched across Washington, DC, crossing the major highway interchange in Southwest,” Johnson said.

In this edition of “Creativity amid uncertainty” our featured artist is junior Steven Johnson. Johnson’s art form is photography, mainly focusing on landscape shots, but he has experienced a recent transition to street photography.
Check out his website and his Instagram @steviejrphotography.

Our brief Q&A:

Q: What inspired you to start photography?

A: I went to the redwood forests in California and was disappointed when I couldn’t take shots of the landscape, so that following year for my birthday I asked for a camera, I did my research found an affordable one and starting taking photos, with the help of YouTube and the internet it allowed me to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of the camera and composition.

Q: How has your art helped you cope during quarantine?

A: I did a lot of skateboarding, that helped me cope with the pandemic. In late summer, however, I started photographing my fellow skaters and now we’ll be creating a zine to show the development of the skaters and the skatepark after its reconstruction.

Q: Do you look up to any photographers?

A: I enjoy Steve McCurry’s work a lot because of his great Portraitures and how he documents life in foreign places to such a personal level. The same can go for Vivian Maier, a famous street photographer who captured life in New York City

Q: How would you describe your style of photography?

A: My style of photography ranges from a lot of different topics but mainly I enjoy street photography and capturing events such as the BLM protests in Washington DC. Yet while I enjoy doing street photography, I mostly do landscape photography which can range from beautiful beach scape imagery to 300ft high photos taken of a cliff side. Overall my work varies and I usually do what I want to do, I don’t set boundaries to my work.