Creativity amid uncertainty: Camille Gagne

Stella Hadamer

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“This is one of my favorites! I explored using shape, rather than texture or design, to create visual interest,” Gagne said.

In this edition of “Creativity amid uncertainty” our featured artist is senior Camille Gagne. Gagne’s art focuses on ceramics and 3D art forms. She enjoys working with different shapes, textures, and learning new design methods.

Our brief Q&A:

Q: What inspired you to start ceramics?

A: I’ve always liked art, but I was never good enough to continue with paint or drawing. I took ceramics to get away from that, and was a little surprised at how “good” I was at it. I was really excited that I’d found a medium I could express myself in, and walk away with a nice finished product.

Q: What was your experience with art classes at WJ?

A: AP Art 3D design is my 3rd art class. I took Ceramics one and two before this. I wish I’d had more time to take more art classes here at WJ, but I’m planning on minoring in art in college. With any luck, I’ll be able to continue working with clay for a while.

Q: How has art helped you cope with quarantine?

A: I participate in a lot of after school activities and maintain a pretty intense school schedule, so quarantine really felt like the first free time of my life. Art really helps stave off the boredom, and an impending sense of doom. I miss in person art class, though, I learn a lot seeing what projects my classmates do, and I loved being able to talk over possible designs with friends.

Q: How has quarantine changed your ability to practice your art?

A: I’m currently in AP Art 3D Design, so we’ve been assigned a few projects that aren’t clay based. We’ve worked on making paper, cardboard, and other materials 3D, and it’s been nice to try working in new mediums. I think ceramics doesn’t really lend itself to being a [at home] hobby. It’s hard to get clay, paint, kilns and sculpting materials, so school is really the only time I get to do it. However, I do do some 2D art recreationally.