Creativity amid uncertainty: Aidana Aibek Kyzy

Stella Hadamer

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When asked about inspiration, Aibek Kyzy also mentioned more specific influences. “I’m often inspired by kpop!” Aibek Kyzy said.

In this edition of “Creativity amid uncertainty” our featured artist is junior Aidana Aibek Kyzy.
Aibek Kyzy’s art mainly focuses on neutral color palettes with some accents, while trying to capture expressions and refine facial features.

Our brief Q&A:

Q: How has art helped you cope with quarantine?

A: By doing art I let my mind focus entirely on one thing which let’s me temporarily escape from reality. It is an enjoyable way to spend my time while simultaneously practicing and improving.

Q: What inspires your art?

A: Mainly pop culture like music and tv shows.

Q: What influences your art style?

A: I draw with this art style because it comes out naturally and is easiest for me. I think my art style comes from a mix of a bunch of other styles combined.