Takashi Murakami – Digital Art, Sculpture

Think art is boring? Well, you’re wrong. Art can be manifested through just about any medium today so there’s bound to be something the average high school student would enjoy. Check out these featured contemporary artists and hopefully you’ll find that art can be a lot more exciting than you previously believed.

Unlike common, traditional art, the work that Takashi Murakami produces is something of a whole new dimension. Being one of today’s thriving modern artists, Murakami enjoys both the adoration of the art world and the opportunities to work with famous names such as Kanye West and Louis Vuitton.

Murakami’s art is composed of multiple media including fine, digital and commercial art. The Japanese artist emphasizes popular themes found in mass media and pop culture to create towering sculptures, “superflat” paintings and marketable commercial goods.

The unique “superflat” style consists of flat planes of color and graphic images with a characteristic style derived from anime and manga. This style of painting, first created by Murakami, can be seen on the covers of Kanye West’s singles such as “Stronger,” “Flashing Lights,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” as well as his Graduation album.

Murakami’s versatile artwork has also been seen in the products of luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton with the release of the limited-edition “Neverfull Bag,” a Louis Vuitton and Murakami collaboration. Also, with help from fashion designer Marc Jacobs, Murakami contributed to the new Monogramouflage line. But Murakami’s genius isn’t just limited to accessory design. Louis Vuitton and Murakami worked together to produce an incredible multi-colored monogram print which covers the entire outside of the Louis Vuitton store in New York.

With art found in such unusual locations as comic book stores or clothing departments, Murakami has forged a career in art that is not limited to simple gallery exhibitions. His creations, ranging from 30-foot sculptures to key chains, are all art in their own right. Murakami is a pioneer in the production and development of digital and commercially-viable art.