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The official student newspaper of Walter Johnson High School

The Pitch

The official student newspaper of Walter Johnson High School

The Pitch

Where Should I Eat Today?

~ Montgomery Mall ~


Est. Time: Depending on when you leave school, it can take up most of lunch or even make you late to fifth period.

Service: Generally good; there are not a lot of customers so you get your order in timely fashion. However, the lines get longer as more students arrive.

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Price: $4-5

Food Quality: Varies depending on which restaurant you go to, but most of the food court consists of fast food chains, which have very greasy food.

Variety: You can get a different thing every day with the great variety of foods and restaurants.

Transportation: By car

Favorite Restaurants: Panda Express and McDonald’s

Environment: The students consist of mainly WJ seniors and juniors, yet some Churchill students also stop by the mall for lunch. Mixed in with the high school lunch crowd are moms with babies in strollers.

Pros: There are many different food options, so you have a new choice everyday. The broad range of prices will also allow you to find something to fit your budget. Also, it’s not nearly as crowded as G-Square, so you have the ability to socialize with seniors and juniors.

Cons: If you go there everyday, you will wind up spening a lot of money on food. Because of the mall’s location, you’re often late to fifth period and you’ll also always have to drive yourself or find a ride because you can only get there by car.

~ Giant ~


Est. Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $4-5

Food Quality: Generally acceptable, but depends on what you buy.

Variety: There is a great selection of different foods and drinks to buy, including numerous breads, a salad bar, chips, snacks, sodas and juices, along with many other food and drink choices.

Transportation: By walking

Favorite Foods: Fried chicken, muffins and bagels

Environment: Throughout the entire lunch period, the typical grocery store is a zoo of students, with every register full. Yet, as busy and crowded as it is, you still do get in and out faster than you would initially expect given the number of people there.

Pros: There are lots of food options, it’s the shortest walk from WJ and all in all, is pretty cheap.

Cons: The lines are long and the crowd is huge.

~ WJ Cafeteria ~


Est. Time: Usually about 5-10 minutes, but it depends on where you are in the school

Service: Overall, the service is acceptable

Cost: $2-4

Food Quality: The tastes are bland and a lot of the foods are not very appetizing.

Variety: There are different “main meals” every day, however there is little variation in the snacks available.

Transportation: By walking within the school

Favorite Foods: Pizza, nachos.

Environment: Very few people eat there and they’re usually regulars.

Pros: It is very close, fast, cheap and easy if you’re short for time and want to grab a snack.

Cons: The food isn’t the best, there are not many people to talk to and not much variety.

~ Bradley’s Sandwich Shop ~


Est. Time:15 minutes, including a 2-3 minute walk to the G-Square sandwhich shop

Service: Pretty quick, good ordering system

Price: $5-7

Food Quality: Very tasty and unique

Variety: There are many different subs and sandwiches to choose from and ice cream is available as well

Transportation: By walking

Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steak and cheesesteaks.

Environment: Small area and the tables aren’t too crowded on the inside.

Pros: It is close by and the food is good.

Cons: It is expensive, there is limited variety because they mostly just offer sandwiches, and there is a long line that goes out of the store so you have to wait outside.

Other: It is mainly a sandwich shop

~ Starbucks ~


Est. Time: 32 minutes, including a wait for food

Wait Time: 5 minutes

Service: Brisk, impersonal employees

Price: $12

Food Quality: Great coffee, mediocre sandwiches.

Variety: Specializes in coffee but also offers a wide selection of other drinks, sandwiches and pastries.

Transportation: By walking or driving

Favorite Foods: Coffee is a big hit.

Environment: There are barely any WJ students; mostly filled with people over the age of 25.

Pros: There is free WiFi.

Cons: The food is overpriced, the service is bad, there is a long walk and a risk of being late for fifth period. Also, you’ll feel a bit out of place with so few WJ students there.

~ Rockspring Chinese Café ~


Est. Time: 25 minutes

Wait Time: 7 minutes

Service: Not very efficient

Price: $5-6, at the buffet you can pay by the pound.

Food Quality: Delicious, foreign tastes, delectable.

Variety: There are lots of different options to choose from. There is a Chinese Buffet where you pay by the pound as well as an expansive selection of sandwiches and burgers.

Transportation: By walking

Favorite Foods: Orange Chicken, bacon cheeseburgers

Pros: Food is delicious and filling, lots of variety and there are many exotic tastes.

Cons: You have to cross Rock Spring Drive to get to it, there is a long waiting time for food and the food is expensive for students.

~ Chipotle ~


Estimated Time of Service: 10-15 minutes depending on how early you get there. If you get there between 5-10 minutes into lunch, you will be in and out of there in 5 minutes.

Service: Service is very good. The workers are so quick and proficient that most of them will have broken a sweat by the time they finish your order.

Price: $6-9

Food Quality: Food is delicious, exotic and very popular among WJ students.

Variety: Chipotle is extremely limited, only offering pork, chicken, steak and beef, wrapped in a tortilla one way or another to your specific choosing.

Transportation: By walking

Favorite foods: Chicken burrito and steak burrito.

Environment: It is very crowded and noisy and full of WJ students the entire lunch period.

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