First Glance: New Fall 2014 Shows

Evan Candelmo, Online Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

TV watchers and entertainment geeks alike freak out over the announcement of the new fall TV pilots planned every year. All your favorite shows from “The Big Bang Theory” to “Modern Family” have been through their first TV season, and now, new ones step up to the plate this year.

Check out our picks on the best and worst shows of the season along with their trailers.

Best Shows Of The Season

“Gotham”: Fans disappointed that Batman isn’t included in the current Marvel superhero show “Agents of Shield” can look forward to a whole new prequel show devoted to how Detective James Gordon spent his days before Batman existed.

“Black-ish”: Critics are already all over this show and so are we. “Black-ish” looks like the perfect companion to to the family comedies already on ABC. This show will make Wednesday nights worth watching.

“How To Get Away With Murder”: Two words: Shonda Rhimes. The mastermind producer behind “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” is completing the trifecta with this new show that focuses on a law professor, portrayed by actress Viola Davis.

Worst Shows Of The Season

“Jane the Virgin”: Is the CW running out of ideas? This seems like a big mistake on the dying network’s part. Not only does the plot sound totally unrealistic, the “comedy” doesn’t really sound like a comedy at all. Don’t expect this one at the Emmys next year.

“Cristela”: “Super Fun Night,” anyone? It looks like ABC is trying to recreate last year’s cancelled shows by bringing in another popular comedian, Cristela Alonzo. While this show looks significantly better than Rebel Wilson’s, expect this show to be cancelled earlier than most comedies this season.

“Utopia”: This new FOX show is basically a way of the network producing less content and filling in “The X Factor’s” timeslots. The outdoor “Big Brother” looks like a mess in the making with already-low ratings.