Why you are missing out on American Idol


Courtesy of Vevo/Flickr

Kelly Clarkson represents the small minority that has competed on American Idol and has been successful. All three contestants this year have the possibility of leading a legacy similar to Clarkson’s.

Evan Candelmo, Online Arts & Entertainment Editor

Compared to “The Voice” or other flashy competition shows, “American Idol” hasn’t been living up to the hype anymore. In the past couple seasons, the show has gone downhill in talent and entertainment. However, the latest season is an exception. While past viewers most likely don’t watch the show anymore, they should at least be keeping up to date on the superb talent featured this year.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. have outdone themselves with nit-picking from the thousands of potential contestants and narrowing them down to three marketable singers.

Jax, a favorite from day one, evokes the style of a combination of a younger Hayley Williams (of the band Paramore) and Katy Perry. The dynamics used in her voice are far beyond her age, 19, and could definitely help her top the charts.

Another finalist, Clark Beckham, fuses his rock roots with smooth jazz tones. Surprisingly, Beckham frays from his Southern country roots and performs more accessible classic rock songs.

The final member of the Top 3 is Nick Fradiani. Unlike Beckham, his main strength more pop-based music.

At this point, its anyone’s game, with Jax having a faint lead on social media. No doubt, “American Idol” is reviving itself gracefully. Unfortunately, the reality staple announced its last season will be next year.