Are You the One: Currently reality TV’s hottest show


Lily Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Picture this: 22 singles, a beautiful mansion in the Dominican Republic, free alcohol, endless drama, the search for love and a million dollars. Put all of these together and you get Are You The One?

Are You The One? is the hottest reality TV show right now. Currently in its fifth season, AYTO brings together 11 men and 11 women who stink at relationships.

Before the show starts, outside matchmakers go through long processes of interviews, questionnaires and compatibility tests with each contestant and ultimately, pair them with “their perfect match”, without telling the contestants. The contestants then move into the exquisite torical mansion.

Mixed with dramatic emotions and large amounts of drinking, the singles not only strive to find their perfect match, but also to win one million dollars. If, during the last matchup ceremony, everyone pairs with their perfect match, then the group splits the prize money.

There is one thing that everyone on the show wants to avoid: blackouts. A blackout would mean that at the match-up ceremony, none of the couples matched together are a perfect match and in the past two seasons, as a result of a blackout, the contestants have lost part of their cash prize.

There are various strategies that each season take on, but the only way to confirm if someone is a perfect march or not is the truth booth. Each week, there is a competition, performed in couples or singles and the winners get to go on a special date, usually enjoying the unique features of the location. While the couples are on the date, the losers of the competition get to vote in one couple for the truth booth.
Once in the truth booth, the intimidating screen will either display “PERFECT MATCH!” or “NOT MATCH”. If the couple is a perfect match, they head off to the honeymoon suite, outside of the house for some romantic alone time.

Contestants tend to disagree on the real reason they joined the show; some needed the money and others genuinely wanted to find love.

There is often a huge conflict after an authentic couple finds out they are not a match; the couple wants to continue being together, while their fellow contestants recognize that for the sake of the game and the money, they need to talk to other people.

Each season there is a different switch up with the game; season two there was an extra woman, allowing one man to have two perfect matches, season five there are 11 couples instead of 10. These are meant to add an extra twist to the show, intriguing viewers.

It is hard to explain how the show works and why it is so entertaining, but it has gained popularity, mostly attracting teenagers and young adults who are looking for a drama filled reality show.
AYTO airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.