Beats vs Bose: the battle of the headphones


For many years, Beats headphones have been the coveted choice of many a music listener. From avid fans of music to casual listeners, the brand has widely been regarded as one of the premium makers of headphones and earbuds. This is largely due to the marketing by Apple, who bought the company from Dr. Dre in 2014. Due to the prestige and cost of Beats, many deem them as the best trusted brand for long lasting and good headphones. However, Bose headphones offer a similar quality without the hefty price tag. A pair of beats solo 3’s can be purchased for roughly $160. A pair of bose over-ear headphones can be purchased for less than $90.

There are many factors one must take into account when deciding which of these coveted brands’ products to purchase. Good comfort, noise-cancelling and aesthetic are all aspects of premium headphones. Sound quality is arguably the most important quality of headphones. When most people think of premium headphones, they think of Beats. Some students at WJ think they might be overpriced because of this.

“Bose has more affordable options for earbuds,” junior Scout Holden said. “It doesn’t really matter how they look if they work well. I care more about functionality than appearance.”

Senior Socrates Kastanos says that most people only get Beats because they are uneducated about the world of headphones.

“I think people pay too much for the brand names in general,” Kastanos said. I’ve had a pair of bose headphones for the last year and they work great.”

Kastanos is an avid guitarist, and says he often likes to try and pick out notes from the songs he listens to so that he can play them by ear.

“The Bose headphones quality was crisp and clear,” Kastanos said.

For others, Beats offers assurance that no other company can provide.

“I’ve been wearing Beats earbuds for a few years, and I like that I can always trust them,” junior Helena Abbott said.

Abbott has played the bassoon for a number of years and says she likes how much she can hear her instrument stand out when listening to playback of her concerts.

“My earbuds have never broken and I use them almost every day. I couldn’t imagine listening to music with something different.