Fall calls for fashion

Izzy Zavareei

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Photo by Izzy Zavareei

Senior Simone Giraldo models a grungy brown flannel with a partial tuck into her thrifted cut off jean shorts. Her delicate silver rings and layered necklaces added a girly touch to the outfit.

With fall approaching, the temperatures are dropping and so are all the hot new fashion trends. Between the eye catching fabrics, layering and bulky blazers, there is sure to be a style everyone can try out this season.

We are seeing brand new and bold statement pieces that are taking the fashion scene by storm. These statement pieces are an essential part of senior Simone Giraldo’s wardrobe.

“I do really love the trends this fall. I love animal print. I got these cheetah sneakers and I’m obsessed. I feel like it’s a way to make a plain outfit different and cool,” Giraldo said.

Giraldo is the creator of a clothing company called SiGi Tees that is known for its stunningly creative, one of a kind shirts and sweatshirts.

“And distressed sweaters are so so cute. I feel like it can give your outfit an edge and add some texture; I just bought another distressed sweater last week,” Giraldo added.

Another notable change in fashion is the revamping of the Walter Johnson fashion club which meets every Wednesday.

President senior Meg Nelson has many plans for the club this school year.

“I want to get some good pictures of the actual WJ fashion club members and make the Instagram a lot better rather than just posting inspo-pics of other people like they did last year. We are all really excited to get the club started,” Nelson said. Additionally, WJ fashion club treasurer senior Nick Liden has many great ideas for fashion in the colder months.

“FW18 (fall/winter) is gonna be huge. We rocking layers on layers out here, Moncler bubbles, big shoes and big coats,” Liden said.

Fashion is not just the clothes a person wears. The meaning behind certain pieces expresses creative freedom; it is an outward presentation on what is on the inside.

“It’s another layer of expression. It builds my personality, it crafts and displays who I am. I can change people’s perceptions of me based on the clothing I put on; that is power,” Liden said.

With so many passionate and eager fashionistas at WJ, we are sure to have plenty of inspiring vogue this season.