Halloweentown celebrates 20 years

Halloweentown is a classic Disney movie everyone loves when Halloween rolls around.

Photo courtesy of Wikmedia Commons

Halloweentown is a classic Disney movie everyone loves when Halloween rolls around.

The month of October is the epitome of spooky festivities. As soon as the clock turns midnight on October 1, all things monster and Halloween bust out, whether in the form of decorations on the front of houses or pumpkins being carved and placed on the front porch. One of the most prominent parts of the spooky season is all the amazing Halloween movies that have been made over the years.

One of the most iconic Halloween movies is Halloweentown.  Released on October 17, 1998, it celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year. Originally airing on Disney channel, Halloweentown has been shown every year during the month of October, maintaining its iconic status as far as Halloween movies go.  

“Every single year when I want to be in the Halloween mood I watch Halloweentown. I used to watch it as a kid and it always makes me so happy. I think that it is the best possible movie, or series, to watch during October,” junior Donya Hosseini said.

The four movie franchise is centered around the Cromwell family, who happens to be a family of witches and warlocks. Their magical journey begins when the three siblings Marnie, Dylan and Sophie follow their mysterious grandma onto a strange looking bus, which brings them into the fantastical Halloweentown. There they discover the world of the supernatural while learning about their powers, all while having to fight the evil forces that threaten to take over the town.

“I thought Halloweentown was one of the best and most creative movies that Disney has ever made,” senior Lizzy Sidelnikov said. “The whole concept of it was so cool and original.  Plus all the costumes and everything was really good for that time.”

With a budget of four million dollars for the original, the producers used every penny wisely, and made the entire film filled with colors, giving the movie an authentic whimsical feel.  The different prosthetics and vibrant costumes for every supernatural character in the movie was beyond magical.

“My favorite costume was Aggie’s (Marnie’s grandmother., I loved the way it looked and the colors in it. After I watched it for the first time I wanted to be her as a costume for Halloween,” junior Malina Grande said. “I also thought that how they made all of the creatures was really cool and when I was younger it looked so realistic to me, but it wasn’t ever scary, just fun.”

Twenty years after the original airing of Halloweentown, it remains to this day one of the most relevant and nostalgic Halloween movies.  Whether it be a child watching for the first time, or an adult who has been rewatching every year since the first airing, it is sure to put any person in the Halloween spirit.