Holiday spirit at WJ

Yoni Mesfein

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It’s the holiday season and that means decorations and lights are going up on homes all over the country but are they going up in our classrooms? The short answer to that question is: Not as many as you would think.

Some teachers chose to lightly decorate their spaces with paper snowflakes or something of that sorts. You could walk into any random room and potentially see a few lights or a small fern in the corner. But for the most part classrooms seem to be unaffected by the holiday fever felt across the nation.

Walter Johnson is a school that really prides itself on being spirited. Our seasonally pep rallies are always full of enthusiastic students and teachers who dress up in all the spirits the weak leading up to the assemble. Well, if this is the case then it certainly raises the question. How come our hallways and classrooms aren’t draped in Christmas decorations?

The answer to this question is probably a little more obvious than you would think. It would be fairly inappropriate for all of our classes to be decorated for a holiday that many students might not celebrate.

Some may argue that putting up Christmas decorations doesn’t really have much to do with the actual religious aspect of the holiday. However, out of respect for all holidays and religions, it makes sense that we don’t see any major Christmas decorations around the school.

WJ is still a public school after all so keeping religion as separate from the classroom as possible is the most appropriate thing to do.