WJ Annual Benefit Concert

Sarah Epstein

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Photo courtesy of Maddi Matson

A WJ choir sings and performs at the Benefit Concert. These singers always enjoy entertaining the audience.

WJ hosted their annual benefit concert on December 14. Each year, students come together to raise money for a local organization of choice. This year the charity organization was The Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area and Pop Pop Parkinson’s. The goal is to spread awareness of Parkinson’s as well as teaching students about how to help and get involved.

The show consisted of new performances and a variety of talents that brought more excitement and entertainment to the show. Senior Sarai Flores has been organizing the concerts for three years.
“We have Poms and other groups of individuals coming together to sing and play instruments. We also have a set group of solo dancers,” Flores said.

Many performers were excited about showing off their skills and helping a great charity. It is a great way to spread awareness to everyone and allow people to prepare music on their own and perform it. Senior singer Julia Baumel was prepared and excited for the concert.

“I wanted to support the cause and I loved singing with my friend Kayla Grande. I have never done the concert before and I was super pumped,” Baumel said.

The Poms team performed for the first time at the concert. It was an exciting and new experience for them. Senior Debra Eller enjoyed performing and participating in this event.

“It was super fun and I loved dancing with all of my friends. I wish I could do it again next year,” Eller said.

Flores is planning on how the class under her will take over with this special tradition.

“The duties will be passed on to next year’s leaders, juniors Anna Lebrun and Alaina Olaez. They have been training with me this year and have helped me organize it,” Flores said.