Flower Child Restaurant Review

Lilli Konicoff

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Flower Child is located 10072 Darnestown Rd in Rockville.

Photo by Lilli Konicoff

Flower Child is located 10072 Darnestown Rd in Rockville.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, healthy dinner, Flower Child is the restaurant for you. The vegan-friendly restaurant opened in Rockville last November, boasting a menu full of nutritious, sustainable meals.

Flower Child is a fast yet casual place where you order at the cash register. When you first enter the restaurant, there is a yoga mat drop-off and fruit-infused water is offered. Immediately, the vibe seems very “granola”. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, but the restaurant is an acquired taste.

The overly enthusiastic tone of the cashier hinted at the newness of the restaurant, which seemed rather ingenuine. The menu offered many vegan and vegetarian options. At first sight the flavors in the various options seemed a little far-fetched and not quite as healthy as the restaurant advertised, but once the food arrived at table, we received a delicious surprise.

The Skinny Cobb salad was a blend of romaine lettuce, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, avocado, pickled onions and crispy corn. It also was offered with almonds, but due to an allergy we asked for them to be removed. The staff asked whether it was for an allergy or just due to preference and were very accommodating and careful since it was an allergy. They assured us twice that there would be no cross-contamination in the salad. There were other customers before us who also had dietary restrictions and the manager personally watched as the food was being prepared in order to avoid any complications, which was very reassuring to anyone who struggles with allergies.

The salad was also paired with a gorgonzola vinaigrette. At first, we were hesitant towards a cheese flavored vinaigrette but it was the perfect amount of tangy and creamy. While it may not have been the healthiest choice, it was definitely healthier than any other Cobb salad I have had. All of the elements worked together perfectly; even though the idea of pickled onions and cheese dressing didn’t sound appealing at first, it tasted absolutely incredible.

Ordering the “Bird is the Word” sandwich wrap was the best food decision we have made in a long time, and it was definitely the best wrap we have ever had. The vegetables were sauteed excellently, the chicken was marinated and cooked to perfection and the pepper jack cheese was spread evenly throughout the wrap, adding the needed last ingredient to a great wrap. The wrap itself was multigrain, and made me feel like I was making healthy choices, even though it was slightly questionable since the wrap was smothered in cheese.

While the theme of Flower Child was definitely fit for only a certain lifestyle, the food was a great choice for hipsters and foodies alike. The friendly atmosphere could be a little overwhelming at times, but the employees were accommodating and helpful.