Senior Jordan Berkman leaps into the spotlight

Sarah Epstein

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Senior Jordan Berkman leaps into the spotlight

Senior Jordan Berkman is one of Walter Johnson’s talented dancers. Through her intense hours of practices everyday, she has developed a deep passion for dance and has gotten stronger and more advanced each year. From competing at many competitions and winning many titles, she continues to perfect her skills and grow as a dancer.

Berkman has been dancing for 12 years and started Ballet Petite when she was younger. She then moved to an after-school program, and at 11 years old began dancing at C-unit Studio which is her current studio. Music has always been the most important reason for Berkman’s dancing.

“When you hear something that you connect with, it is so easy to feel the emotions of the music, which allows you to express yourself through movement. It has always been inspiring for me,” Berkman said.

Berkman’s favorite style of dance is contemporary, which she loved from the start. It is a free style of dance that has more creativity and emotion.

Berkman’s dance teachers, family and friends have pushed her to always be the best in every project she puts out and they are her biggest support system. Senior Sam Heald has been Berkman’s best friend for years and loves watching her grow as a dancer.

“It’s incredible watching her dance. She has been so passionate about dancing for so long and it’s been very evident these past few years that all the time she dedicates toward improvement is worth it in every way. I love watching her do what she loves,” Heald said.

As a high schooler, Berkman takes on a lot of responsibilities between school work and dance everyday. However, she never fails to bring on the creativity and stay on top of her work. Currently, Berkman is working on exciting new projects.

“I am working on choreographing a duet with my sister and choreographing a recital dance for six to eight year olds,” Berkman said.

Many WJ students love to watch her dance on social media and at events. Senior Corey Criss loves to watch her and gets excited when Berkman posts a new dance video on her Instagram.

“She is so cool when she moves. She is the best dancer I know. Every move is always crisp and on the beat even when she dances with other people in her studio she always stands out,” Criss said.

Berkman has a lot planned for when she graduates. Dance is a passion that she will continue to pursue and make into a career.

“After high school I am going to be working and auditioning at a dance program in New York. I hope to book jobs for not only dance, but also acting and modeling,” Berkman said.