Popular clothing trends taking over summer 2021

Gingham print will take over the streets this summer.

Finally, after all the online shopping and time spent staring at Pinterest, quarantine has come in handy to help teenagers create creative and exciting trends with the warm temperatures that await them in summer 2021.

Teenagers are getting crazy with wild patterns and loose fitted clothes. The patterns are mostly on pants, button up shirts, and tank tops. The loose fitted clothing appeals to teens for the beach vibe it gives off. These patterns are worn well with a matching set, just jeans or a white plain tank top.The second most popular article of clothing for teenagers during this summer is halter tops and dresses. Some of the predicted trends are similar to how pop stars dressed during the 2000s. Perfect for the summer weather, halter tops are incredibly easy to pair with and look cute. Halter dresses are the best beach coverup but are also extremely nice to wear out to dinner with friends or family. An accessory with these casual clothes are trucker caps with different logos. Hats are coming back into style as people are realizing once again how practical they are for bad hair days.

Similarly to the wild patterns, Gingham pattern, which is a colorful square pattern, is definitely becoming trendy again. Zara is attracting throngs of savvy shoppers with their Gingham pattern sets. Many teenagers are lining up at the mall to get into Zara as they have the cheapest and cutest clothes for the summer,

“I just got a matching pants set with Gingham print and it is the perfect outfit to wear to sit out by the pool. It was almost always sold out so I’m really excited to wear it!” senior Ava Dwyer said.

Speaking of cozy things to wear to the beach, the best cover ups are linen shirts. Linen button up shirts are super simple and really go with anything — they can be worn with just a bikini top underneath or a tank top or truly anything. These shirts can have wild patterns, Gingham or a simple color.

“I originally bought a sage green linen button up for spring break and I wore it everyday, so I went back to get a different colored one,” junior Maddie Poersch said.

Pastel will dominate the summer scene with sage green leading the way. These colors are just peaceful colors that match the aesthetic of being in the south of France which is what most teenagers are trying to achieve.

“I feel like pastel colors are the perfect colors because they are not too bright and they are simple all at the same time and it for sure will be trending this summer,” junior Hanna Juhasz said.

Lastly, the trend that will be seen everywhere this summer is flowy summer dresses with flowers. Similarly to some of the other trends, flowy clothing and summer dresses are perfect for casual dinners on the patio. After being at the beach all day, loose summer dresses will be a great way to relax and spend quality time with family.