7300Pearl’s Philadelphia Pop-Up

WJ alumni Jacob Daley and Jack Liden perform their set at 7300Pearl’s Philadelphia pop-up. Daley and Liden have both been invested in music since their time at WJ and are currently continuing their musical careers elsewhere.

On Oct. 22, WJ alumni Jacob Daley, Robert Alvare, Koko Bond-Razak, Jack Liden and Bennett Wright helped organize and perform at a pop-up concert/art gallery in Philadelphia, PA through creative agency 7300Pearl (Instagram: @7300.pearl). The event was set up to showcase a diverse array of artists from all different media ranging from painting and fashion to music and performance.

While this wasn’t the first event organized by 7300Pearl, it was the most ambitious. The first event, held in DC over the summer, was more strictly music-based and while there was clothing being sold at the venue, it was mainly a concert for rappers Asa Gee, Kari Kira and Daley which was DJ’d by DJ Virus 2020.

The Philadelphia pop-up was held in the heart of the city at a more free-flowing venue, allowing for an entire art gallery and space to display and sell merchandise ranging from stickers to Rok clothing (Instagram: @rok.us). Along with the addition of the gallery and more formal boutique, the Philadelphia event featured more diverse musical performances ranging from indie bands/DJ’s and Teddy Hyde to the more familiar but nonetheless unique sound coming from Daley.

Video courtesy of Koko Bon-Razak

Although the Philadelphia pop up was further away than the first one, senior William Markey was able to show up to both.

“The event was super dope, it’s so inspiring to see people I used to see in the halls pursuing their passions in the real world,” Markey said.

While 7300Pearl has such a large range of audience, their next event is planned to be more local, DC to be specific, partially with the hope of more WJ students showing out.

“They [WJ students] should pop up to the next one we’re having for the culture. The majority of the people involved in the events all recently graduated from WJ and would have never met if it wasn’t for WJ. Show up for the vibes,” Alvare said.