Shows for comfort or entertainment?

Julia Ratner

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In a world of stress and mess, people turn to comfort shows for a break.

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In a world of stress and mess, people turn to comfort shows for a break.

In today’s world, especially with Covid and other obstacles that mess with mental health, it can be easy to rely on technology for a quick fix for our feelings. Whether that be watching a favorite movie or show or playing a game on your phone, everyone has that one thing that they know will always be there when needed.

Generally, a comfort show is a show that a person watches repeatedly. It will never get old and for that, viewers find a certain comfort in that show that no other show holds for them.

People watch these shows for many different reasons. Obviously, they find comfort in that show, but the thing that differentiates one person and their show from another is why it brings them comfort.

“I love shows with lovable characters and intriguing plots that keep me coming back to them, no matter how many times I watch them,” junior Natalie Krensky said.

Especially during Covid times, a show that someone is able to go back to over and over again is important for many reasons. The first reason is that production for so many shows has been delayed or even canceled due to Covid. The second, and possibly the most important reason, is that these shows provide a sense of stability. The future can be especially scary these days and watching something where someone knows what’s going to happen can be comforting and anxiety reducing.

“It makes me feel comforted, and it’s always nice to have a show to turn on in the background or to distract your mind,” junior Eva Griebl said.

Comfort shows can also be used as a way to escape. They can help distract your mind from harsh reality, enabling you to jump into a world where someone else’s problems are conveniently wrapped up in twenty minutes of comedy and wit.

However, people treat their comfort shows in different ways. One person might like to share their comfort show with others, hoping it will become their comfort show as well or something they can share and watch together. On the other hand, some prefer to keep their comfort shows to themselves and maintain a feeling of closeness to that show.

“Mine is very personal to me, and no one else can know [it],” junior Sage Crittenden said.

Clearly, comfort shows can have a huge impact on someone’s quality of life. It can lift someone up when they need it most, alleviate stress when they feel down and really ease them.