AMC and Regal offer $3 movies

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Graph of MoviePass membership over time, in thousands.

This year’s National Cinema Day celebration was held Sep. 3, with theaters across the country offering customers movie tickets for just $3.

This dirt-cheap deal brought in over 8 million buyers, according to CNBC, compared to last year’s daily average of 1 million. This migration back to the silver screen may signify a return to the theater industry following the financial hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This bargain was not the only draw consumers had to get back into the cold theater seats, as the infamous MoviePass has announced its return.

The subscription service originally launched in 2011, offering buyers one free movie ticket a day for only ten dollars a month. The deal was so sweet that it ran the company out of business in 2019, but they have made a comeback, offering a beta of their new pass this month.

The new subscription will be tiered, with ten, twenty and thirty dollar options available and a credits system that can be shared among friends, an especially captivating aspect of the membership.

“I would definitely use MoviePass. I want to keep theaters in business, plus a lot of new movies are coming out since quarantine has been lifted,” senior Camilla Veal said.

It remains to be seen if the service will reach the same heights of popularity it had previously had with three million users, according to Statista.