“Barbarian,” a terrifying but entertaining haunted house horror film


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Actor Bill Skarsgård, best known for his role as Pennywise in the supernatural horror film series “IT,” stars in the horror/thriller “Barbarian.” Skarsgard performed alongside actors Georgina Campbell and Justin Long.

“Barbarian” is a twisted and unsettling horror film written and directed by Zach Cregger in his solo directorial debut.

The film opens dramatically with pouring rain and thunder crashing late at night in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood. Tess, the main character, (Georgina Campbell) hurries to her Airbnb only to find that it has been double-booked and the other guest, Keith (Bill Skarsgard), has already settled in. Rather than sending her away, Keith invites Tess inside given the stormy circumstances. Presented with no other options, Tess accepts, but neither are prepared for what awaits them inside.

I usually go into horror movies with no prior knowledge of the plot and found that I wouldn’t have wanted to experience the film any other way. “Barbarian” takes the form of a thrilling haunted house horror full of surprise jump scares and twists. The trouble begins in the basement, as doors close and lock on their own and a network of mysterious rooms and passageways exists underground. Although cliché, Tess’s discovery of the complex labyrinth is taken in a shocking and chilling direction with Cregger’s creative storytelling.

Cregger’s use of humor lightens the film’s otherwise constant intensity, providing a brief but much needed comic relief for a picture that moves as quick as it does. Cregger did not waste a single minute of the 102 that he used. From beginning to end, he told the story straight to the point, leaving out unnecessary details, keeping me guessing and on the edge of my seat.

Perfect for avid horror fans, “Barbarian” is both as frightening as it is unpredictable as Cregger takes you on a wild ride along with the three main characters with fascinating plot lines. The captivating storytelling, refreshing comedy and gore are just a few of the many reasons the film achieved a 92% rating by Rotten Tomatoes.

“Barbarian” also performed well in the box office, considering the low budget of five million dollars. The film made ten million dollars domestically in ticket sales on its opening weekend, becoming the first film in weeks to reach the double digits. Nevertheless, “Barbarian” is a disturbingly entertaining horror film perfect for anyone looking for an action packed roller coaster of horrifying events.