Guilty pleasures: Indulge in that trashy TV show


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” has garnered record-breaking viewership. However, many have been embarrassed to admit they enjoy it because of the catty drama and controversy constantly surrounding the Kardashians. Because of this, the reality TV show is considered a guilty pleasure.

You wake up on a dreary Sunday morning in your flannel pajamas and decide to lounge on the couch and enjoy a fluffy, buttery Belgian waffle with Nutella. You switch on the TV and scroll through the channels to find E! News and watch countless episodes of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.”

Even though we love trashy Rom-Coms and Chick Flicks and reading fan fiction, we would never admit it. There are many different outlets for guilty pleasures as students enjoy belting songs in the car from the musical “Hamilton” or pop songs from the 2000s.

“I listen to Broadway music and I keep it a big secret. I grew up singing it in the car or listening to it at home… I think it’s embarrassing because I wouldn’t consider myself to fit in with that crowd,” junior Becca Freda said.

Many students tend to partake in their guilty pleasures when they have nothing to do or are simply seeking enjoyment, especially after a long day of school or on a lazy Sunday.

“I still binge-watch Cartoon Network shows like Powerpuff Girls. Back when I was a little, this show was one of my favorites, and I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I watch children’s shows when I’m bored,” junior Sidney Scale said.

If these so-called “guilty” pleasures are things we actually enjoy doing, then why do we feel embarrassed and hide them? Some don’t want to get made fun of by their friends and some are simply put off by societal stigma toward trashy TV. TV isn’t the only type of guilty pleasure—many are embarrassed to admit their participation in the realm of fantasy football.

Sports enthusiasts relish fantasy football and use it as their outlet. Students who compete in fantasy football leagues are so connected to the game that they enjoy supporting a player who is not really on that team.

“I do fantasy football, and for example, if my team is playing one of my fantasy players, I will sometimes root for my fantasy player on the opposing team and I feel bad about it because my real team is my ‘ride or die,’” sophomore Ryan Gardener said.

Additionally, indulging in our guilty pleasures become habits that become a part of our day-to-day more than we think.

“My favorite shows are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette because I love the drama and I find it funny how much catfighting occurs. This is my guilty pleasure because it’s embarrassing how much I watch it. Every Monday my mom and I watch it together and I can’t miss an episode,” junior Zoe Ottenritter said.

Curl up in a blanket and fulfill your boredom by watching girls fight over guys or follow the lives of a couple from 30 Day Fiance and don’t feel guilty!