AMC ticket prices changing


Photo Courtesy of Robert Dyer

The new AMC theater at Montgomery mall is open to all. They’ve been screening the latest movie releases and have planned to instill a new ticket pricing system called Sightline.

The local AMC theater that welcomes several high school movie-goers throughout the week is planning to undergo a ticket pricing initiative called Sightline, along with AMC theaters across the nation. Sightline is a pricing system that charges seats based on its location in the theater. The transition to “experience-based pricing” will be an adjustment for students.

There will be three tiers of prices that customers can choose from. The lowest and most affordable tier is the “Value” priced seating, located in the front of the theater. The “Standard” tier encompasses the most common seats, selling at the traditional movie ticket prices. Lastly, the “Preferred” seats in the middle of the theater are the highest tier and will be sold at the highest amount.

“I don’t understand the reason [for Sightline]. The price shouldn’t change based on where you want to sit in the theater. I feel like the system for getting seats is gonna be more complicated and restrictive,” senior Charlotte Brown said.

The new pricing system is intended to give visitors control over their viewing experience by making the process of buying tickets selective. Similar to live entertainment, AMC theaters will now charge more for desired viewing. Sightline will only be applied to the showings after 4pm.

AMC theaters have a subscription program called Stubs A-List, which will allow members of the monthly program to access the “Preferred” seating at no extra cost. After the pandemic, movie theaters globally have been struggling financially, which has prompted several chains to create and boost these programs. The Sightline initiative may influence many customers to join Stubs A-List.