RASA: New chic, fast-casual Indian food comes to Rockville


Photo by Lily Tapparo

RASA’s new location in Montrose Crossing Shopping Center offers a fun seating area for customers. I enjoyed eating my meal as I was able to feel the outside breeze.

Rockville is home to many restaurants and is constantly bringing in new, delicious places for the community to try. Montrose Crossing Shopping Center, off of Rockville Pike, recently added RASA to its strip of restaurants and is located next to Honeygrow. They serve fast-casual Indian food in a chic and colorful atmosphere.

Since I went during peak dinner hour, the parking lot was extremely crowded and spaces were really tight. However, when I entered the restaurant, the lively setting and colorful ambiance caught my eye and felt very welcoming. The food line was relatively short and employees were quick to serve.

I typically don’t like Indian food because I don’t enjoy the taste of strong spices, but I really wanted to try new flavors and have an open mind to their menu. When looking at the menu, the format was similar to Cava’s because I could either make my own bowl or order one that was already created by the chefs.

When I got to the counter, I decided to design my own. First, for my base, I ordered arugula and basmati rice. Next, I chose lamb kabob and tomato garlic sauce. For my vegetables and toppings, I decided to get sautéed spinach, spring chickpeas, cucumber cubes, pickled onions and carrot slaw. Next, for my dressing, I chose the house vinaigrette dressing with a side of mint cilantro chutney because I love mint and I wanted to try both. I had to order sides, so my mom and I split naan, a samosa Chaat and a mango lassi because the cashier said those were their most favored side dishes.

The employees were very friendly and helped me choose what I wanted which was very helpful since I was unfamiliar with the menu. Additionally, the atmosphere was clean and new which was definitely an incentive to dine in instead of taking it home.

I decided to eat my bowl first because I was most excited to try the lamb kabobs. After taking many bites, I realized how large the portion was and it was definitely worth its cost of $14.49. The flavors worked well and complemented each other. I loved the mint cilantro chutney because it added a kick of flavor. I usually like sauteed spinach, but I surprisingly did not like it in this meal because it did not pair well with the other flavors. However, I recommend trying the pickled onions because they brought the bowl together and were a unique addition.

After eating my bowl I was super full but I had to try the samosa and the mango lassi. The samosa was delicious, however a tad bit dry. Finally, I tried the mango lassi and it was delectable. I loved the creaminess mixed with the fruity flavor and it was a nice treat to end my meal.

Overall, I would recommend RASA, but for those seeking traditional Indian food I would encourage you to look elsewhere.