“Til Dawn” adds to “Midnights” collection


Photo courtesy of Tiwobesta Tsegaye

A student listens to “Hits Different” a new Taylor Swift song. The song is is off of the singer’s new deluxe edition.

On May 26, musical artist Taylor Swift released an extended version of her 10th studio album, ‘Midinights’, which contained three new additional songs and one song that was only available to people attending her New Jersey concert dates. The three songs include, ‘Karma ft. Ice Spice’, ‘Snow on the beach ft. more Lana Del Rey’ and ‘Hits Different’ which was originally an exclusive on the Target edition of ‘Midnights’ but was finally released on streaming platforms. Not to mention, an exclusive song titled ‘You’re Losing Me’ was released to those who attended Swift’s New Jersey concerts on an exclusive CD.

The most anticipated song out of the three was by far ‘Karma ft. Ice Spice’ because of how unexpected the combination of artists were. Swifties and the general public were curious to see how the two would collaborate on a song together. The song featured Ice Spice having her own verse in place of the second verse of the song, and it was even released with a music video to go along with it.

The video premiered at Swift’s first New Jersey show, and for the rest of the three shows Ice Spice had the opportunity to perform with Swift. Though it charted on the Billboard top ten, the public still didn’t quite like the song. “[Ice Spice’s] rap just didn’t fit with the song. The original “Karma” was better,” junior Rio Kato said.

The reactions on social media platforms were pretty disappointing as well, with many claiming that Spice’s rap was “too slow” and “didn’t fit with the beat.” Swift did redeem herself though, with ‘Snow On the Beach ft. Lana Del Rey (ft. more Lana Del Rey)’ gaining an immense amount of positive support. This song was heavily demanded by swifties because of how little lines Del Rey got in the original song, so Swift released another version where Del Rey has her own verse. The song contained many different harmonies and angelic vocals by the two which made it heavenly to listen too.

‘Hits Different’, which was one of the final songs on the new edition of the album, was also received with an immense amount of positive feedback because of how in demand this song was. Swifties all over were in anticipation of the song because of how exclusive it was, with it being only released on the Target edition of ‘Midnights’. Now that this exclusive song was released, ‘You’re Losing Me’ might take its place as it was only released to those who attended Swift’s Metlife Stadium shows in New Jersey, and not available on streaming platforms.