The Biggest Loser: April Blog Update

Isabel Hernandez-Cata’s Blog

My intentions were grand.  As it turns out I am a kidney match for my father so the wheels are in motion for the transplant.  But it’s not going well and here comes the litany of excuses.  I am finding it hard to find time and energy to exercise because I’ve been working long hours.  My spring break fitness initiative was shot to pieces thanks to a back strain at the gym.  I had to take a week off from working out and by then school started up again.  I ate a lot on the Disney Trip (you know what they say about how calories don’t count on vacation) and I’ve just been doing a lot of stress snacking which kind of obliterates my efforts to stick to the WW plan.  I thought this contest would provide some miraculous motivation, but it didn’t.  Maybe next time.  

Pat Richards’ Blog   

Spring break was great, but not for the diet. I seem to have found the four pounds I’ve lost.  My plan is not to fret over it but to just pick it up again and try again.  However, I’ve been fighting migraines this week and medicine I need to take needs to be taken with food (a.k.a. calories!!).  So I will continue to do what I can.  As for the Bowflex workouts, still just thoughts in my head, but I did a lot of kayaking over break but that just doesn’t replace working out on the machine three times a week.  Since I didn’t lose but nor did I gain any weight at the last official weigh-in (April 3rd), I’m curious to see what will happen this Friday.  I suspect I will have gained weight. Frankly, I’d be very happy with no losing nor gaining again this week. But, we’ll see. 

Butch Worden’s Blog

Wow, the last two weeks have been rough.  The holidays have made me gain weight.  I would fast and I would get so hungry I’d eat twice as much the next day.  I also ate a lot of chocolate and hard boiled eggs.  I thought I would get a lot of exercise jumping around in the bunny suit, 
but my nieces and nephews were brutal.  They thought it was funny to push me around and pull on my tail and ears.  Also, the white suit ended up being brown from all the melted chocolate of the sugar-hyped kids.  I did start the workout again this week but am really stressed from the change of job.  Yes, its true, I am probably leaving WJ.