Asian assembly shows diverse backgrounds


Every spring at WJ, students and teachers with Asian background put on the Asian Heritage assembly.

WJ is a very diverse school, and many students find it interesting to learn about the different backgrounds of their friends and classmates.The community believes that it is important to show the different aspects of many heritages.

Sophomore Steve Park is participating in the Asian Heritage assembly, along with many of his friends. Park has lots of experience in the performing arts and is excited to appear in the assembly. 

“Ms. Leung is in charge of putting the assembly together, while students with experience in Asian performing arts participate in the assembly,” Park said.

The Asian community, as well as other people at WJ, want to encourage students to learn more about their culture.

“The goal of the assembly is to teach people more about the Asian culture/heritage and make them motivated and interested to discover more about our Asian culture,” Park said.

Senior Emily Chu is one of the student organizers of the show. She has put in a lot of work to make the assembly entertaining for the students with many different performances.

“This year we will be having various types of acts which includes: dancing, singing, Asian instruments, martial arts, and a fashion show,” Chu said.

A lot of work goes into putting on an exciting assembly. All of the students worked together in order to make this assembly the best it can be.

“We have around 35 students participating in the assembly this year. All of our performers and volunteers and have prepared extensively in order to show the pride in our heritage,” Chu said.

The Asian Heritage assembly occurred on Friday, Mar. 11 and was a success, with a few technical difficulties.

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