International Night shows unique aspects of different countries


International Night is an event put on every year to showcase the best and most interesting parts of different countries and their cultures. It is held in the cafeteria and the spectators can walk around and visit the different countries’ tables, while also watching the performances from different groups.

Junior Josh Quinto has taken Spanish and French in the past, but represented the Philippines during International Night.

“I represented the Philippines by doing my country’s martial art. I also was the live sound engineer and one of three DJ’s that controlled the music,” Quinto said.

The main events were the traditional dances from a few countries, but there was also the singing of classic songs from a few countries.

“Anyone can attend international night; from students to parents to WJ Alumni. Even the former president of the Martial Arts Club Zihao Sang was there today at the China booth,” Quinto said.

Songtao Shu, teacher of Chinese 1 to AP Chinese, was one of the sponsors of International Night. Her students ran the China table.

“I am the sponsor of the Chinese Honor Society. The members of the CHS set up a table with posters and food to present the Chinese culture on this night,” Shu said.

Shu also believes that International Night is very important because WJ is a very multi-cultural school with students who come from all different backgrounds, and even speak languages other than English at home.

“It is very necessary and important for the school and the students to present their own culture and facilitate understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity,” Shu said.

The viewers of International Night learned a lot from being able to see the main aspects of each country and their culture.

“The family and the community who attended were happy and enjoyed the moment when they experienced the diverse culture. They definitely learned something from the all posters and  performances,” Shu said.

Attendees of International Night learned a lot about the cultures from different countries. WJ is a diverse school and many people think that it is important to show the different cultures.

“It’s nice to pull out the cultures and appreciate what they’ve offered to American culture because all of these nations have helped shape America to be what it is today,” Quinto said.

International Night gave people a look at how different each country and culture is, and the tradition is expected to continue at WJ to show the diverse backgrounds of students at the school.