Gusto restaurant review

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Restaurants that allow customers to build their own healthy meal, such as Chopt, Cava and the newest addition, Gusto, have taken over the fast food industry as of late. Gusto is an excellent dining option offering a variety of pizza and salad dishes. Located in between the Cava and Chipotle in the food court of the Westfield Montgomery Mall, Gusto is a reasonably priced pizza option. Their slogan, “from farm to street,” serves to represent the ideology of bringing farm fresh food straight to the plates of their customers.

Gusto is similar to Chipotle in the sense that consumers are able to make their own pizza, adding a plethora of different toppings onto their own personal pizza.The menu provides buyers with unique pizza and salad options, along with the option to build your own. When building your own pizza, there are choices for crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings, including meats and vegetables.

We both decided to build our own pizzas. Lily went with the delicious classic dough, while Andrew went with the healthier whole wheat dough. We both went with the classic red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Lily got sausage, chicken and tomatoes, while Andrew got broccoli, tomatoes, chicken and spinach. Although the meal was delicious, it was hard to finish in one sitting, as the dough was around a foot long; Lily still had three pieces left. We would recommend that Gusto offer different sizes for pizza, allowing customers to choose the amount that they think they would finish. Similar to &Pizza, a make-your-own pizza chain, after choosing your basics, you can place whatever toppings you want to make the pizza entirely personal. In addition to pizza and salad, Gusto has a variety of healthy and organic drink options.

For dessert, Gusto has an assortment of delicious cookies to choose from. A food chain with only three locations in Montgomery County, Gusto is about as local as it gets for a fad of fast food pizza restaurants. Despite the numerous restaurant competitors at the mall, Gusto has found their niche as a healthy pizza provider.