Poki DC Restaurant Review

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Lilli Konicoff

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Poki DC is a new restaurant in Georgetown Square that offers make-your-own poke bowls in a style similar to Cava and Chipotle. With a variety of fish and toppings, it is easy to find the perfect bowl, but it is also possible to get overwhelmed and create a bad combination.

The staff is eager to help and provide recommendations so that the $11.50-$13.50 spent on fish doesn’t go to waste. We sampled some of the sauces offered before choosing one in order to find a flavor we liked.

Poki DC offers an almost unlimited amount of garnishes, vegetables and other popular poke toppings. First, you pick a base (rice, noodles, lettuce, etc.) and then you can choose two to three proteins (tuna, chicken, tofu, salmon, etc.). After that come the unlimited toppings, followed by a sauce to top the dish off.

The rice base is an excellent option if you want to feel full from a meal. The rice mixed well with fresh shrimp and poke. The variety of vegetables added a refreshing taste, and the teriyaki sauce topped the whole dish off just right.

The spring mix was a nice, light option for those trying to cut out some calories. It still tasted great with the fish and toppings, although it tasted a little odd in eel sauce so definitely be careful about the sauce you choose based on the base. The ahi tuna was wonderful. It tasted fresh and had a great texture. It’s the perfect choice for any sushi-lover. Even if you’re not a fan of raw fish, they offer chicken, cooked shrimp and tofu.

One of the vegetable options was seaweed salad. At most poke places you have to order seaweed salad as a separate dish, however at Poki DC they add it to your bowl, which makes the price worth it.

Overall, the service was great and the restaurant offers a quick way to make a healthy, delicious choice for a meal. However, make sure to think about the flavor combinations so you don’t make a regrettable choice.

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