WJ Booster Club Mulch Sale Packs Success


Mulch sale student volunteers wait to unload mulch from the delivery trucks. Photo courtesy of WJ Boosters Club.

 WJ’s Booster Club held its annual mulch sale earlier this month. Funds raised from this event get distributed to various WJ clubs. WJ volunteers, including students, parents and other guests, came in groups to help deliver mulch to customers’ houses.

“The purpose of the event was to deliver mulch and raise money for WJ clubs. I did it for the volleyball team and for fun as well,” senior Patrick Domenech said.

Senior Patrick Quinn also explained what he did.

“I moved mulch into trucks and then delivered them to their respective houses, having to take them from the truck to the house,” Quinn said.

Moving mulch and working hard weren’t the only thing the volunteers did.

“We also sat around inside the back of the U-Haul truck for fun,” senior Daniel Kim said.

When the kids returned back to school, they ate food including pizza and other snacks that the parents and staff provided for the volunteers.

“I got to know the students and parents in my group and had a lot of fun!” Kim said.

Many students were exhausted from the hard work, but felt that the mulch sale was worth it as they worked with friends and liked the experience overall. Even though the boys enjoyed the event a lot, there was a general improvement Domenech believed the organizers could have made.

“This year, I went on Saturday afternoon and the people who went Friday did most of the work which left us with not a lot to do. They could’ve coordinated it better in that regard. Other than that I really enjoyed it and it was a great experience,” Domenech said.

At the end of the day, various clubs, sports and other WJ organizations gained funds from the students and adults who helped. It was a successful sale and WJ benefited a lot from it.