Up @ Bat: Favorite holiday memories (needs up at bat logo)

Jessica Silverman

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“I went to see the Christmas lights with my family in New York last year.” Grace Li, junior

“My favorite holiday memory is when I went to Best Buy for Black Friday with my friends at 2 a.m. It was such a lively atmosphere and it was just so much fun.” -Malhaar Nair, sophomore

“My favorite holiday experience is going up to the mountains and snowboarding with friends.” -Rami Massoud, freshman

“My favorite holiday memory was when I was really little. My mom is Jewish and my dad is Serbian Orthodox. I remember when we did Serbian Orthodox Christmas and Hanukkah was at the same time, so we were jumping in hay while lighting candles.” -Stephanie Miljanic, senior

“Growing up, my family always went to Disney World on Christmas. When I was 10 my mom had it so Santa came to our hotel and drop off gifts. It was the coolest thing ever because, you know, it was Santa!” -Sarah Potts, junior

“One year on Christmas Eve we didn’t have anything prepared for dinner so we had pancakes and peppermint ice cream. We did that a few years after that as a tradition.” -Victoria Pannullo, senior