How to spend summer break in quarantine

Several friends go on a social distanced hike together. Hiking is a great way to spend time with loved ones, while also staying safe and healthy. Photo courtesy of

School has just ended. Although many regular summer activities may be canceled due to the coronavirus, there are still plenty of fun things that teens can do over the break with their friends.

Host a Picnic
Find an open space where you and your friends can all lay out your own blankets or towels, and make sure that everyone brings their own snacks. Also, consider bringing a speaker, so that you can all listen to music together. This would also be a nice way to stargaze on a clear night.

Create a Drive-in Movie at Home
Although the actual movie theaters are closed, if you have a projector, you and your friends can recreate a drive-in outside one of your houses. Hang up a white sheet on a wall of a house, tell everyone to drive over in their individual vehicles with their own snacks and sit in the trunks of their respective cars, facing the sheet. Once it gets dark out, you can start the show.

Hike or Go On a Walk Together
Find a park or trail nearby, and go on a social distanced hike or walk together. You’ll be able to catch up and get some fresh air and exercise.

Go on Mini Road Trips
There might not be enough hotels open to go on an actual summer road trip, but you can still find places within a 2-4 hour driving range to visit with your friends. One fun way to do it would be to write a bunch of different destinations on pieces of paper, and then to throw all those pieces into a bucket or hat. Each day, put your hand into the bucket or hat and randomly pick a place to explore or visit that day.

These are just a few ways to spend your time once school ends. There are many more options out there that are just a few internet searches away. Quarantine might not be canceled, but summer isn’t either.