Restaurant Review: Piccoli Piatti Pizzeria and Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream

Ellie Eastep

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Photo by Ellie Eastep

Bon Appetit! This is the outdoor seating of the new pizza place, Piccoli Piatti located in Wildwood Shopping Center. The restaurant recently opened this fall and is delicious!

In the Wildwood Shopping Center on Old Georgetown Road, a new pizza place called Piccoli Piatti Pizzeria recently opened. When walking in, I initially noticed the modern auro in the restaurant. It is a family-friendly restaurant that could be dressed casual or nice; however, it is a very casual setting. There is a big ceramic oven in the back with a really charming layout. There is seating dispersed around the restaurant. The tables are wooden and there are large picnic benches to sit on if you’re with multiple people. The floor is a checkered tile pattern; the colors inside are mainly several different shades of brown everywhere. Using these colors makes their big red and white burning oven stand out! There are also several windows which provide ample amounts of natural lighting.

The cashier is situated towards the back, so people order their food then sit themselves as if in Panera or Noodles and Company. The servers will bring your food over according to the number you receive when placing the order. After eating, there are trash cans where customers throw away their own trash.

The menu includes small sharing appetizers such as calamari, bruschetta and cauliflower. They also have pasta plates, salads, sandwiches, calzones, and red and white pizzas. The pizzas are a flexible size; you can either share with one person or eat it individually. They are, however, on the pricier side, with each pizza being about $14.00.

The service is very fast! The restaurant has a 90 second brick oven, so you will not be waiting long for your food!

After having pizza, walk a couple stores down to Wildwood Shopping Centers new ice cream place as well for a delicious treat. Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream is very cute and cozy with light blue and white walls. They have a flavor wall that gives customers a glimpse on what they want to eat with pictures and ingredients. Some of the flavors they have are Oreo Lover, Chunky Cookies and Dough, peanut butter fudge, peppermint stick, sticky cinnamon bun, and many more. I have tried the oreo lover and peppermint stick. Both are amazing!

The ice cream, however, is very pricey and will cost up to $6 with tax for one scoop. Although its price is high, it is definitely worth it! The ice cream tastes so fresh and rich. They even have dog-friendly ice cream treats as well! I would definitely recommend that you visit both of these places when you get a chance, they are great complements and worth the price!