What does traveling during COVID look like?

Einav Tsach

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Dulles Airport on Dec. 4 during the afternoon. The aviation industry as a whole has suffered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

First of all, it should be said that travelling will be a different experience for each person who does it. Things change based on destinations, regulations and many other factors. But regardless, I can pretty much guarantee it will be more demanding than usual. Get ready for tricky holiday travel.

While the images above do show visually the experience of travelling during the coronavirus, the personal experience is a complex one. Travelling through the airport and being on an airplane, all with the stressful burden of avoiding other people and doing everything to stay safe, is a difficult and straining experience that I don’t know that I want to repeat. And to top things off, I then end up having to quarantine in a small, noisy hotel room with not-so-great food. I didn’t really imagine the experience to be so tough before I actually went through it.

Obviously, we’re living through really unusual times. But we have to remember that things aren’t normal right now, and that they won’t stay this way forever. At some point in the future, we’ll be able to find a solution and return to our normal world, more or less. Until then, if we want to do the things that we took for granted so much before this pandemic (like travelling somewhere), we have to stay optimistic and beat the challenges of the current situation.