Do students use support periods?

Aidan Carr

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Photo courtesy of Adele Pasturel.

Senior Adele Pasturel participates in her AP Literature class on Zoom.

With the stress of trying to learn remotely this past spring, MCPS implemented student support periods this school year. Students have a designated time for each class to join and either make-up tests, quizzes, ask for help or catch up on assignments. How effective this time is for students varies.
“I use the ones for the classes that I may be struggling in and I think that having these support periods are very helpful,” senior Thomas Byrnes said.
Although some teachers make these sessions mandatory other students use them to meet with the class or for some students to take quizzes so that they have more time in the week to get through class material.
“I use [the sessions] to work, finish homework and to complete graded assignments. I love the idea, still not a fan of being constantly graded on our support day,” senior Alejandro Colmenares said.
During the beginning of the semester, teachers and students seemed to be taking advantage of these 20 periods throughout the day to help. But as the second semester is kicking off, there seem to be fewer and fewer people using the support periods. Some are beginning to wonder if students are evening using the support periods. Although it can depend on how many AP classes a student may take or how their teachers set up their weeks like saving the twenty-minute class on Wednesday for quizzes.
“I haven’t used the support periods on Wednesdays but I think they are helpful for those students who need it. Some people in my classes go into make-up quizzes and tests which is a great way to make them up in case they missed it. It is also helpful because students can receive help in case they are struggling from teachers instead of taking up class time,” senior Yolita Barreto said.
Even with some students not using the support periods at all, there are many students and teachers who use it weekly to make sure that they don’t fall behind on anything and have no missing assignments or work. Mostly because students would rather use the day the way they want to rather than trying to go in to get help from their teachers.