Taking a bite of the newest Girl Scout cookie, Adventurefuls


Photo by Blake Bailey

Adventurefuls are experiencing nationwide shortages. The new cookie packed a unique punch, along with some familiar elements of flavor.

Dentists nationwide rejoiced following a disastrous 2021 cookie season where an estimated 15 million Girl Scout boxes were left unsold due to Covid restrictions. This season, various troops have implemented drive-thru and contact-free cookie delivery, as well as a new flavor in the hopes of preventing similar failure. “Adventurefuls” are described as an indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt, and they look to help put the Girl Scouts back on top of the cookie game, one box at a time. 

A box costs $5 and fits 15 cookies, giving a cost of $0.33 per cookie. As for dietary information, a serving size (two cookies) packs 120 calories, six grams of fat, and nine grams of sugar. Adventurefuls also contain a few notable allergens such as wheat, soy and milk.

Those looking to taste the new cookie may be out of luck as troops nationwide have been experiencing staggering shortages. Many local troops have already run through their entire supply. This cookie shortage can be traced back to Covid induced issues at Little Brownie Bakers, the most notable Girl Scout cookie producer in the country. 

“I had a box earlier in the year, however, when I tried to get another box a few weeks later, they were sold out,” senior Jackson Van Wagener said. 

The cookie itself is quite appealing to look at. It’s easily one of the more colorful cookies on the catalog, boasting a brownie exterior, golden caramel inside and delicate chocolate drizzles spread about the top. As for smell, it wafts a very loud, chocolatey scent that’s detectable from across the room. Biting into one, you are immediately greeted with a familiar crunch and sweet, chocolatey flavor similar to that of a Thin Mint. As you continue to chew, it leaves behind an interesting cake-like flavor. 

Opinions across the school are fairly positive on the new cookies. Of the dozen people given a cookie to taste, nine reported that they could see themselves going back to purchase. The common theme amongst tasters, for better or worse, was the similarity in flavor to that of a Thin Mint.  

“It’s like a Thin Mint without the mint, I don’t taste the sea salt or caramel… I don’t hate it but I wouldn’t purchase it by choice,” Psychology teacher Jennifer Taylor said. 

Not everyone saw this similarity as a negative, however. Thin Mints, a storied classic, are the highest grossing cookie offered by the Girl Scouts for a reason.

“Quite delicious, the cookie itself reminds me of a Thin Mint, my favorite… I’d certainly buy a box from the Girl Scouts,” Math teacher Mary LaFratta said.

The Girl Scout’s look forward to a more large-scale release of the flavor next year, as Covid issues hopefully continue to fade in the rearview mirror.