Airlines soar out of Dulles and Baltimore

Margaret Georgiev

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Sketch drawing of the Lufthansa 747-400 also known as the Queen of The Skies.

There are numerous airlines that have flown, currently fly and will fly airplanes internationally and across the continent.

Two significant airports in the DMV area are the Washington Dulles International Airport, also known as IAD, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, also known as DCA.

Dulles (IAD) serves more than 30 airlines, including United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue and Lufthansa.

Reagan (DCA) serves many airlines as well, some of them including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, British Airways and Air France.

Of the two, Dulles is deemed to be better for most of the international flights because its airlines serve more nonstop flights and routes to international destinations. Reagan has fewer flights and routes to long distance destinations. In that sense, flying internationally may be more efficient using the Dulles airport because Reagan does not fly direct routes to certain countries.

“A few years ago I flew with United Airlines with a direct flight to Peru from Dulles airport. I liked that my flight was nonstop and didn’t require any stops to other countries because it made the wait time less,” senior Andrea Mendoza said.

Intercontinental trips, like east coast flights, are thought to be easy flights from the Reagan airport.

“Flying to Florida to meet with family was really convenient from taking Delta airlines that flew directly from Reagan airport. The flight was really short too and the Reagan airport was very close to drive or take an Uber to, both of which we’ve done before,” senior Isa Bernat said.

Similarly, intercontinental flights, such as west coast flights from the east coast, are also considered efficient from the Reagan airport.

“This year I had a dance convention in Arizona so I flew with Southwest Airlines to Phoenix. I was in a rush because my flight was so soon and getting to Reagan airport was very convenient for me,” senior Sofie Bernat said.

Moreover, when students choose flights, factors should be considered like international or intercontinental, driving distance to the airport from the school’s vicinity, airlines that fly out of those airports and direct flights or flights that include stops.