Quarantine over; sparks thrill for WJ students’ spring break plans

Alessandro Marra

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Senior Tyler Correa and his brother at San Siro Stadium, Milan. The Correa brothers enjoyed watching AC Milan for their very first time.

With quarantine seemingly coming to a long awaited end, the excitement around spring break plans have come to an all-time high.

Many students got the chance to travel around the country and even the world. Over the last two years, many families had their trips and vacations canceled due to the risk of Covid. This year many people were happy to regain their annual trips and vacations.

Freshman Carly Hangliter along with both her friends and family took on a road-trip to Duck, North Carolina. Originally, Hangliter and her family couldn’t go on this trip the year before because of Covid causing a shorter spring break.

“It feels enjoyable being able to travel because of how long it’s been since I got to travel with my friends and family together,” Hangliter said.

Hangliter spent hours of her day at the beach, eating at tourist spots and enjoying no Covid-related limitations.

“The well known burger place, Duck Duck Burgers was probably one of my favorite places I ate at during my trip. My burgers and fries were amazing,” Hangliter said.

Senior Tyler Correa had a different experience over spring break as he traveled out of the country. He spent all of spring break traveling throughout different parts of Europe with his family.

“It felt liberating being able to travel to see countries I haven’t been able to see before regardless of whether I had a mask on or not,” Correa said.

Correa went sightseeing around San Siro, Milan. He enjoyed various museums and stumbled upon the culturally diverse food that Italy had to offer.

During his time in Milan, Correa was able to watch the AC Milan soccer team play against the Genoa soccer team in person; wearing a mask and socially distancing from the other fans were still a requirement.

“Going to the AC Milan game was an experience that I will never forget, especially with watching Milan dominate against Genoa,” Correa said.

Safe to say Covid did not restrict Correa this year, Along with Milan, Correa also got to travel to Venice, Munich, and Switzerland–all countries requiring masks and social distancing protocols.

After two years of not being able to travel, Sam Rosenblatt’s venture to Playa del Carmen, Mexico was significant to him.

During his time, Rosenblatt shopped, walked the beautiful cities, spent time in the sun and was able to come across the well known circus, Cirque du Soleil.

“Needless to say it was relieving being able to finally get out of the house and travel out of the country with my family. Cirque du Soleil was an amazing experience I’ll never forget,” Rosenblatt said.