Canada Ski trip fun returns after Covid


Photo courtesy of Chloe Fagan

Senior friends Aurelie Baroody and Chloe Fagan enjoy skiing on the slopes in Quebec, Canada. “I had so much fun skiing even though I’m not an advanced skier. I think this trip was good for all levels of skiers,” Baroody said.

For the first time since January 2020, the Canada Ski trip was offered to students. Although this is traditionally more of a senior geared trip, it is offered to both juniors and seniors. The trip was not widely advertised, as the original link was only sent to students with siblings who had attended in the past, and these students were instructed to share the link with other juniors and seniors. The trip did not just include WJ, and many other schools in the county including private schools had students attending as well.

In terms of the mountains – students got to experience some of the best skiing conditions on Quebec’s slopes. In addition to that, all students stayed at the Château Frontenac, a 5 star hotel in the heart of Quebec city, which was just a short walk away to countless all the best parts of the city. Activities in Quebec were infinite for young adults, and being able to release stress for one of their last times before finally heading into college was great. Students got to experience towns and cities they never have before, during one of the coldest (and snowiest) times of the year.

Senior Jude Halscott had an amazing experience on the Canada trip, and was really happy to be able to explore Canada with just his friends.
““Being able to explore the city and all the freedom that came with the trip was what made it an insane experience,” senior Jude Halscott said.

Although this trip is commonly known for seniors to attend, juniors are allowed to attend, too. Junior Geoffery Kemp had a great time, and doesn’t think being a junior affected his time in Canada.
“Being a junior on a senior trip was not a big deal… I had most of my friends along with me making the experience just as exciting [as it was] for seniors,” junior Geoffrey Kemp said.

In addition to daytime activities, Quebec City also offered an amazing nightlife scene – which many students were able to take advantage of due to many seniors being 18, the legal age in Canada. Students were also allowed to be out of the hotel until whenever they wanted, with just a check in required at 10 PM. This freedom was much appreciated and made the trip even more unforgettable.

Senior Tina Pasha is originally from Canada, and was excited to be able to travel back there. Pasha had an incredible time, and would recommend it to any one who likes to ski, snowboard, or wants to explore and experience a new place and culture with friends.

“I had such a great time in Canada and made so many memories I will never forget. I got to meet so many friends and felt like a real adult in the freedom we got. Although the bus ride kind of sucked, it was beyond worth it and an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world,” Pasha said.