Senior APEX students present projects on various subjects, issues

Demonstrators in Iran protest in the streets following the death of Mahsa Amini.

John MacDougall

Demonstrators in Iran protest in the streets following the death of Mahsa Amini.

This year, Class of 2023 students that are in the APEX program were given the task of choosing a subject to present to their peers about. The students had little to no restrictions, and had several weeks to outline, compile materials and prepare for the presentation of the APEX project. Senior Keon Abasi was one of the first students to present his project and he chose a subject that was close to his heart: the protests in Iran.

“I chose this topic for my project because it was a way to get closer to my cultural heritage and there was a big issue with the death of Mahsa Amini and the protests following it,” Abasi said. “Amini was a Kurdish woman who was arrested by Iranian police because of an ‘improper hijab’ and died under mysterious circumstances. I am also Kurdish so I am very passionate about the issue.”

Abasi decided to do a storytelling of this topic to bring attention to what was happening in his homeland and educate people on the tragedies happening elsewhere in the world.

Other seniors chose topics they were interested in, too.

Keon Abasi did his APEX project on the current political protests in Iran.

“I wanted to research homesickness and what prompts it. I researched this because all of us [seniors] will be going to college and I want to get a better understanding of it,” senior Emmy Tzeng said.

Tzeng presented this in front of her fellow classmates and also did this for her parents.

“The project was most relevant for my parents because I was mostly researching how I would be separated from them. [During my presentation] I made sure to communicate how it would affect me and what other students’ experiences are like,” Tzeng said.

Tzeng used many different methods to present her project to her classmates and teachers.

“I used google slides for my presentation and then I did the portfolio where I printed out articles and wrote notes and annotated them,” Tzeng said.

This year’s senior class did a variety of topics for their APEX projects, using different techniques. Students were given the opportunity to delve deep into an issue of their choosing which led to fruitful and interesting projects. In doing so, they carried on a proud tradition that has been a part of the program for several years. They also culminated their years of studying and membership in the APEX program, using all of their skills to deliver a final exhibition that expanded their own and their classmates’ knowledge.