How to stay coronavirus free


Photo courtesy of Joint Base Andrews

Health and hygiene have been so important during this weird time. hand washing is one of the most important steps to take in staying as healthy as possible.

Almost four million coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world, with 1.24 million of those cases occurring in the United States. Many older Americans with already pre-existing health conditions and those without a social safety net are most vulnerable to the infection. With that being said, anyone can still get infected. It’s no doubt that for many people across the world this is a very hard and confusing time. But it’s important to not panic and keep in mind a few simple steps that can help reduce risks:

Wear a face mask in public places
Although the WHO (World Health Organization), and other health officials have encouraged people to practice “physical distancing” or better known as “social distancing”, it has been proven that the virus can still spread through the air in microscopic droplets. Wearing a mask is one of the most efficient ways to prevent breathing in these droplets. Many of Youtube’s latest trends show several unique ways to make a DIY mask using cloth, paper towels and old socks.

Wash your hands….and then wash them again
Along with distancing yourself from others, hand washing thoroughly is one of the best defenses against the virus. Every time you come from outside (and even regularly in your home) it’s important to stay as clean as possible. 20 seconds is the ongoing recommendation. Always make sure to wash each hand, in between the fingers and up to your wrists.

Disinfect your home
Disinfecting your home is as equally as important as hand washing. Now that online shopping has been happening more frequently, being able to disinfect packages and surfaces can help reduce risks. Door knobs, countertops and frequently visited areas in your home are the most important places to disinfect. Disinfection wipes are the most convenient, as well as a disinfectant spray like Clorox. Bleach can also be used to clean floors and bathroom walls.
Although products like these may be high demand and are hard to find, you can put your own spin to a corona-free home by using natural ingredients. Things like lemon juice and white vinegar have a natural cleaning agent with their antibacterial properties. Coca Cola is also known as a good DIY cleaning remedy (especially when mixed with lemon) to leave surfaces shiny.

Boost your immune system
On top of all of the other illness prevention things that you can do, having a strong immune system is the best thing that you can currently do for your body. Eating a diet of high fruit and vegetables can help support your health, as well as social distancing exercise regularly.

Most importantly, make sure that you always stay informed about how this virus is developing and what your local officials are doing about it. Being able to stay calm and take it in one day at a time is the best thing that you could do for yourself and your family.