Teacher Profile: Melanie MacFadden


Ms. MacFadden is known by many for her droll commentary. Photo by Leila Siegel.

Leila Siegel, Online Feature Editor

If you’re taking AP Literature & Composition or English 12, you might know Melanie MacFadden.

MacFadden is known by some for her dry humorous remarks on the literature covered in her classes.

Many students enjoy her class and listening to her commentary on the books they are assigned to read. In turn, MacFadden, who has been teaching for 19 years, enjoys instructing.

“[I like] just being able to go more in depth into the literature than you would in a regular class… it’s a privilege to come to work everyday,” MacFadden said.

She likes the books that are part of the AP Lit curriculum.

“I like certain aspects of [the books]… there are things I like about them that make them enjoyable to teach,” MacFadden said. She cites different literary perspectives as the most interesting part of the novels.

Her least favorite part is when she has to give students poor marks.

“I like to see my students succeed, so I don’t like having to deal with when a student… just isn’t doing their work,” MacFadden said.

Senior Marie-Andrea Djehli-Yahot likes MacFadden’s personality.

“She is very funny but also really relatable… So I feel like I can ask her anything,” Djehli-Yahot said.

Good grades or bad grades, a lot of students can agree that MacFadden is one of the wittier teachers at WJ.