Club Spotlight: Don Cheadle Appreciation Club

In our first Club Spotlight of the school year, we’re checking out the brand-new Don Cheadle Appreciation Club. The club meets every Monday in Room 105 and is full of fun! Stay tuned to The Pitch Online for more Club Spotlights coming soon.

The Don Cheadle Appreciation Club met for the first time recently as members gathered to show love for their favorite actor, Don Cheadle. The members of the club participated in different activities that were all Don Cheadle-related, such as watch his movies and interviews. They say that in the world there is not enough admiration for Don Cheadle and they feel as if he deserves more credit for all that he has done for the world through his work. The club has a movie night on Fridays for members. They are kicking off their movie nights by watching Hotel for Dogs starring – you guessed it – Don Cheadle.

The club has shown a lot of life and a lot of the members seem to really enjoy it. The people in the club are very welcoming to newcomers and they are always willing to be with people who respect Don Cheadle.

Although many people appreciate the club, not everyone is a fan. Many students and teachers think that the club is annoying and pointless.

“I just don’t get it, I feel like this whole thing is just one unfunny joke. It’s just annoying at this point because it’s not really a real club, I doubt it will work,” junior Amadu Senee said.

However it is not all bad as there are people that think it’s funny.

“I think it’s honestly pretty funny, they are just having fun and making a joke. I don’t see why people have a problem with that,” junior Sarah Candelmo said.

Regardless of what people think, the Don Cheadle Club will go on as his fans continue to praise him and all of the work he has done.