Chipotle:The “Burrit-ification” of G-Square

Alex Baden

Rumors abound through the hallways of the possibility of a Chipotle being constructed in replacement of Greenbrier’s Bagels. Come January, a buffet of burrito’s and salad bowls will be available to WJ students. The construction is projected to finish in mid to late December. “Burrit-ification” banners will appear on the soon-to-be Chipotle to advertise the opening date once it is confirmed.

According to Chipotle public relations spokesperson Katherine Smith, the location was chosen due to its accessibility to local businesses and residents.

“I’m going to spend all my money there,” said junior Chauncey Liffiton. “But I’m not buying if it’s over $6-$7.” All Chipotle entrée items are just over six dollars, with chip and salsa or guacamole and drinks being about two dollars each.

Simith does not predict that the neighboring shops and restaurants will be competition for Chipotle, as they each have unique offerings to create a synergy of commerce among them. However, some students predict the emergence of Chipotle may lend to an increase in business for these surrounding restaurants.

“It’ll be a relief as I don’t particularly like Chipotle,” said junior Jeremy Peck. “If a lot of students go there at lunch, other places will be less crowded.”

The predicted lunch-time rush is also a deference with the apprehension that it will create an inadequate amount of time for all students to order, receive and eat a relaxed meal.

Though this is not to suggest that Chipotle is not warmly welcomed to the community. Many students have expressed excitement over the Georgetown Square addition.

“Dude, that Chipotle is going to be the sick, nastiest thing ever,” said senior Jessica Mcguinn. The enthusiasm is with reason, as Chipotle has promises to be a beneficial sponsor of the schoolas they are currently trying to organize a grand opening fundraiser in collaboration with the Booster Club. Students will give a five dollar donation at the door in return for a burrito special and all the proceeds donated will go towards WJ. The excitement may also be attributed to students simply liking the food and environment.

“This Chipotle is not going to be different than any other,” said Smith. “They’re all very student-friendly. The music is really cool, it’s a very welcoming atmosphere; it sort of was built with students in mind to begin with.”