Many students have heard about WJ’s Mock Trial teams Miller and Schwartz after team Schwartz’s most recent success in making it all the way to the quarterfinals. However, most students don’t know about the division of mock trial into two teams, both sharing a fierce desire for success, and a heated rivalry between each other. Twice during the season, Team Miller headed by social studies teacher Nathan Schwartz, have gone head-to-head, revealing the true intensity and exhilaration brought about in mock trial competitions.

The rivalry ensues for multiple reasons, primarily due to the fact that both teams, of course, want to be the best they can be. This rivalry pushes the teams to better themselves in a quest to not only be the best team at WJ, but be successful against other teams across the state.

“It’s pretty competitive since everyone on both teams knows at least one other person on the other team, knows of everyone on the other team or has Mr. Miller or Mr. Schwartz at some point,” said team Miller member Kathy Pao.

Students in Mock Trial had to do a lot of research for their most recent case, they were given a 47-page packet to review for materials in addition to a set of rules and guidelines for their presentations. Practices consist of helping out one another, and reviewing your own part based on the role you are playing.

“The witnesses had to learn the facts of the case very completely, and the lawyers had to prepare opening and closing statements as well as direct and cross examinations, it’s quite a bit of work,” said team Schwartz member Nic Carter.

Most of court cases are held in actual court rooms where students get to experience the actual atmosphere of a real trial. Rankings are determined by both wins and points, by judges who carefully rate each team on all elements listed on a Performance Rating Sheet.

“I love being in the court room, it’s a huge rush, and the satisfaction of winning and the ability to control an entire room at any given time is incredible,” said team Miller member senior Sam Wolfand.