Four Pregnant Teachers at WJ

WJ is experiencing a baby-boom of its own with four teachers expecting to deliver before or during the ’09-’10 school year. The soon-to-be mothers include science teacher Jennifer Roland, social studies teacher Keeley Hagan, assistant principal Nicole Morgan and English teacher Stephanie Gilbert.

“We had a mommy-to-be lunch together a few weeks ago,” said Gilbert. “They’ve given me a great deal of advice and encouragement.”

After giving birth, teachers may use sick leave days for paid leave, though there is not a paid maternity leave. From there, the teachers can take up to two years leave from their job with the guarantee that they will be able to resume teaching when they return. There is no certainty, however, that they will return to WJ.

” I was concerned that it would be very difficult to balance my two positions along with caring for a newborn, which is why I decided to return part-time next year,” said Roland.

Though not all teachers are planning to leave for an extended time, as Hagan is expecting her baby in early June, they are all anticipating a large change in their professional lives as well as at home.

“I normally keep so busy during the school year so I hope I don’t get too stressed out trying to juggle everything,” said Hagan.