Great Progress in Modernization to be Seen in Fall

Abby Singley

Now that the school year has come to an end and exams are finished, the campus modernization that has been in full swing for the past two years is winding down as construction enters its final stage. As of June 17, many spaces of the building opened, while other areas were closed for renovation.

The spaces that were opened include the main entrance, main office, student commons area, additional science labs on the second floor, social studies classrooms on the main level and FACS, child development and health classrooms on the ground floor.

The new main entrance, located by the flag pole in the front of the school, features flags of countries represented in the school’s student-body as well as an art gallery that will display student art.

The new student commons area has offices for student groups and SGA officers, as well as a projector for presentations and small assemblies.

While these areas are being opened for use, all remaining old spaces of the building are now closed for renovation.

“All interior spaces surrounding the auditorium courtyard on all levels will be closed after school ends on June 16,” said modernization coordinator and Assistant Principal Christopher Merrill.

These areas were home to science labs, child development rooms, computer labs, guidance offices, academic support center (ASC) spaces, the health room and music rooms near the auditorium. The baseball and softball fields are also closed for renovation.

The science and child development classes located in the closing part of the building will be moving to their designated spaces of the areas opening in this month. The ASC and guidance offices will be moved temporarily.

According to Merrill, new baseball and softball fields will be ready for the spring sports season next year.

Over the summer, renovation of the stadium and tennis courts will also continue. The stadium is scheduled to be fully completed by Aug. 15, in time for fall sports. The area of the old drop-off circle in the back of the school will be transformed into a pedestrian friendly area with pathways and benches by the time students arrive in late August. Merrill said there will also be four additional tennis courts ready by Aug. 15, making a total of eight for the fall 2009 sports season.

The school will be losing 17 portables over the summer. Only portables numbered through 22 will remain for the 2009-2010 school year.