Apple releases new iPhone, breaks records


Sam Bernstein, Co-Online News Editor

On Sept. 25, the highly anticipated iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were released with a handful of new features, including a Multi-Touch interface with 3D touch, an improved 12-megapixel iSight camera and re-designed apps. In addition to offering the iPhones in Silver, Space Gray and Gold, a brand new Rose Gold color option is present.

Senior Owen Brinker, who upgraded from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6S, opted for the Rose Gold color option. Brinker was impressed with his new phone, which he got the day it came out.

“There’s a huge difference. It’s much faster, the photos are much better. I love the screen size, I love the 3D touch feature. It’s beautiful, just everything’s better,” Brinker said.

As for criticisms, Brinker only has one.

“I think they should make better use of the 3D touch. Right now it only gives you options when you open an app. They should use it in more things,” Brinker said.

Brinker’s iPhone was one of more than 13 million sold in the three days since its release, a new record for Apple. Scores of people lined Apple stores across the globe in anticipation for the phone’s release, many waiting for days.

Junior Joshua Karpatkin does not understand the rush for new phones.

“People will go through ridiculous measures to get something just because it’s advertised and it’s a smidgen better than the iPhone they have now,” Karpatkin said.

Despite this, Apple’s ninth iPhone launch reached a larger, more global market than ever, further fueling the popularity of their brand.

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