Chinese exchange students visit WJ


Sierra Zielske, Staff Writer

The Chinese exchange students came on September 27, stayed for one week and left on October 1. There were nine WJ host students and their families and 10 Chinese students who were excited to adapt to the new culture for that week. Every WJ family had one Chinese student stay with them for a week and experience another high school student’s American life.

WJ student, Diba Roozbeth, was the only host to have two Chinese students stay with her. She is happy she took on two Chinese students since there weren’t enough WJ students to volunteer. Being some of their first times hosting Chinese students, both parties learned something new from this experiences.

“The United States has a different change in the class system. China is only in one classroom where in the United States they are free to move around the school,” exchange student Tina Sun said.

Students in Chinese schools stay in their classrooms as the teachers move around, while in America the students move around and the teachers stay in one class.

Class time in America is six minutes between class for students to walk to their next class and in China, they have about 4 minutes for the teachers to walk to their next class. Chinese students have thought that American school should fix break times.

“It’s not long enough, which made me feel that time is urgent, so it’s necessary to make a time plan,” exchange student Olivia Sun said.

Everybody involved learned something new from their experience.

“I learned that Chinese people are friendly and they can communicate easily,” senior Diba Roozbeth said.

During the trip, exchange students and hosts alike learned just what it meant to live in vastly different nations and make connections with individuals from across the world.

“It was such an unforgettable experience that left a deep impression. I am very eager to travel to America again,” Olivia Sun said.